CR7's 10th anniversary 7 pack for Men - celebrate luxury essentials

Experience unmatched comfort and style with Cristiano Ronaldo's 10th anniversary collection 7 pack. Crafted from premium materials, designed for the perfect fit, and available in essential modern shades.

This 7 pack special edition includes timeless shades. Arriving in a black box, it's perfect for Ronaldo fans and style-conscious individuals.

Unleash your style and comfort with CR7's gold edition for Men

Discover the ultimate blend of style and comfort with CR7's best-selling 5 pack trunks for men. This exclusive collection includes 3 premium cotton and 2 luxurious microfiber underpants, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout the day. Experience the perfect mix of materials, with the breathability of cotton and the durability of microfiber.

In addition to the underwear, each edition comes with a stylish travel size zipper bag. Stay organized at anytime - on the go or at home. 

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